MiniERP, Gold Shop Management

Full ERP & CRM System for Gold shop management, Very FastPowerfull and Easy to use with Unlimited possibilities 

Admin Panel Dashboard

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Persons List

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Customer Profile

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Product Make Calculation

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Stone Buy

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Product sell, automatic calculations

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Product description

MiniERP 3 is a beautiful fully responsive Php and Bootstrap ERP Admin Panel that has all tool to manage and visualize data about your Gold, Stones and Gems Manufacturing and Selling Business, this Panel combines Suppliying, Manifacturing and selling linup, it's easy to use, beautiful typography and graphics.

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We made it our priority to not add things that you don't need, so the MiniERP comes with just enough features for you to easily use. It combines multiple features: Product Make: is an automatic calculation of the exact amount of Gold and Gemes needed for each individual product, like wedding rings and so on, Users and Payments full management: you can track your payments from starts to end via cash and checks you can add unlimited users as Customers, Workers or suppliers, and products with various names and metal needs. You can track your workers gold and gems and collect made products by calculating losts as well
So your business can easily be fully managed and monitred, the dashboard gives you full power to analize data numbers for everything whithing your shop


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